The Heads Set: The Eraserheads Box Set

eraserheads boxed set
eraserheads the heads set
the eheads boxed album set

*Line art doodle illustrations by Arnold Arre

Eheads Boxed Set

I was commissioned by Sony Music to design a box set for the Eraserheads. The band was already disbanded at the time but they got together for a massively attended reunion concert the year before.

Having designed 4 albums, 2 fanzines, a picture book, and several side-project albums for the Eheads in the ’90s, the record company felt that I could gather all those experiences and come up with an idea for the boxed compilation.

The result was a tin container emboss-printed with an inverted E (the band’s symbol) made up of doodled elements that represented their songs. Inside the box is a thick “scrapbook” of old photos juxtaposed with the band’s story, song lyrics, and other info that encompassed their 9 years in the business. The box also contained CDs of all their albums and a special commemorative t-shirt.

eraserheads album set


  • Print design
  • Packaging design
  • Surface pattern design
  • Watercolor illustration
  • Digital illustration
  • Visual identity
  • Art direction

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