#DrawNativeTreesPh Philippine Native Trees Awareness Campaign

In March 2018, I received an invitation to collaborate with Forest Foundation Philippines, a non-profit organization that provides grants that empower the people to protect the forests. We put our minds together and discussed how we could combine our respective skills and resources in order to promote the importance of Philippine native trees in ecological restoration. Native trees are the foundation of our ecosystem but we are losing them to deforestation at an alarming rate. By raising awareness, our collaborative goal is to grow more forest advocates.

This gave birth to #DrawNativeTreesPh, an awareness campaign to engage the public to become advocates of forest conservation and protection through art. 

On its 3rd year (as of this writing: November 16, 2021), the #DrawNativeTreePh initiative has brought about fun and meaningful projects –

* Philippine Native Trees Social Media Drawing ChallengeDraw Philippine Native Trees Challenge
See entries (scroll to the bottom) and drawing challenge winners

* Philippine Native Trees Drawing TutorialsPhilippine Native Trees Drawing Tutorials
Links to tutorials: Katmon / Banaba / Ilang-Ilang / Narra / Pedada / Ipil

* Watercolor WorkshopsPhilippine Forest Blooms Workshop
Post-workshop update: Forest Foundation Ph on Facebook (July 16, 2019) 

Katmon Watercolor Workshop
Post-workshop update: Forest Foundation Ph on Facebook (August 13, 2020 

* ForesTree Memory Match-up Game AppForesTree Philippine Native Trees Game
Collaboration with Funny Cow Games. More info on the game and project here.

* ForestBloomsPh Instagram Story Stickers


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* The Philippine Forest Informational Series which includes stationery and functional items which I sell in my online shop. A portion of proceeds go to the creation of more items that can support the advocacy, so the product line just keeps on growing and growing — all from the initial funding capital provided by FFP.

** Philippine Forest Blooms (#ForestBloomsPh)
Philippine Forest Blooms Planner and Stationery
Links: #ForestBloomsPh Planner / Note Cards / Washi Tape
Philippine Forest Blooms Postcard Set
Link: #ForestBloomsPh Postcard Set  

Philippine Forest Blooms Wearable Art
Link: #ForestBloomsPh Face Masks

Philippine Forest Blooms Jewelry
Collaboration with Blue Flame Handcrafted. More info on the #ForestBloomsPh Jewelry Collection 

Philippine Forest Blooms Embroidery Kit
Collaboration with CraftMNL. More info on the #ForestBloomsPh Embroidery Kit

** Philippine Forest Fruits (#ForestFruitsPh) and Birds (#ForestBirdsPh)
Philippine Forest Fruits and Birds
Links to #ForestFruitsPh Postcard Set / ForestPh Series Notebooks

** Philippine Forest Reflections (#ForestReflectionsPh)
Philippine Forest Reflections Nature Appreciation Journal
More info on the #ForestReflectionsPh Nature Appreciation Journal

** Philippine Forest Produce (#ForestProducePh) 
philippine native food-bearing plants
Collaboration with Slo Store. More info on the #ForestProducePh Market Tote.

** Philippine Forest Landscapes (#ForestLandscapesPh)

More info on the #ForestLandscapesPh Advocacy Products

** Creative Fundraising Efforts
One of the most amazing outcomes of this campaign is that some of the projects have allowed me to give back and contribute to forest protection efforts such as fund raising for forest rangers and typhoon / flood victims:
P19,250 raised in June 2020 for the Ipo Watershed Bantay Gubat (donated thru WWF Philippines) via sales of #ForestBirdsPh prints
P75,000 raised in November 2020 for Typhoon Ulysses flood victims (donated thru Kaya Natin Ph) via sales of #ForestFruitsPh prints
P25,000 raised in May 2021 for the Ipo Watershed Bantay Gubat (donated thru Philippine Parks & Biodiversity) via 50% of sales of #ForestBloomsPh Jewelry
P4.500 raised in September 2021 and P3,780 raised in February 2022 for the Ipo Watershed Bantay Gubat (donated thru Philippine Parks & Biodiversity) via 10% of sales of the #ForestProducePh Market Tote
– P41,470 raised (P25,400 transmitted in July 2022 (P6,350 per donee) and P16,070 transmitted in February 2023 (P4,017.50 per donee) for Sitio Maguli Marginal Farmers Producers Cooperative in Sierra Madre, Kitanglad Guard Volunteers Association Inc. (KGVAI) in Bukidnon, Palawan Center for Appropriate Rural Technology, Inc. (PCART) in Palawan, and Women Enablers Advocates and Volunteers for Empowering and Responsive Solutions Inc. (WEAVERS) in Leyte via 40% of sales of #ForestLandscapesPh notebooks and 20% of sales of #ForestBloomsPh enamel pins.
– P759 raised in April 2023 from 10% of sales of the Philippine Native Trees tote bag for the Philippine Native Tree Enthusiasts (PNTE) Community.

I have gained so many learnings from working on this campaign, and it’s especially rewarding to receive feedback from people who say that they discovered the beauty of Philippine native trees through the work. The ideas really do keep.sprouting organically and I’m excited to see what else it will produce in many years to come. <3

* My presentation in Forest Foundation Philippines’ Understory April 23 Webinar gives an overview of the campaign and a behind the scenes look on its implementation (video embedded below).

** Media Features
Design: Keeping Filipino Native Trees Alive Through Art – The Beautiful Works of Cynthia Arre for the FFP | Adobo Magazine
Forget cherry blossoms. Stop and draw our own flowering trees. | NoliSoli
Her Groundwork for the Native Flora and Fauna | Business Mirror
Arts for Conservation Episode | MUNI on this Podcast
Promoting Forest Conservation and Heritage Preservation Through Art | DZUP Atin ‘To Interview
Drawing Native Trees for Conservation – Presentation + Demo | Ang InK

Sending out a great big thanks to the FFP Project Management Team who’ve inspired, guided, and encouraged me to pursue this purposeful path. <3
– Schenley Anne Belmonte
– Diane Estephanie Bagui
– Bryan Joel Mariano
– Ana Veronica Gabriel
– Marjorie Pamplona
– Eric Buduan
– Dennis Rosales
– Heidi Mendoza
– Atty. Jose Andres Canivel

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