Been a fan of Kodawari Ph‘s delicious Gyudon and Shroomdon since discovering them through friends’ posts on IG in the past couple of years so I was thrilled when Kodawari co-owner Toni Potenciano reached out to ask if I could draw some of their iconic rice bowls for their (then upcoming, now open) dine-in resto.

Kodawari gyudon illustration

Illustrated their signature rice bowls – Gyudon, Shroomdon, and Chashudon – along with three new offerings Chickendon, Steakdon, and Salmon Mentaidon. My husband and I got to try the Steak and Salmon dons (both soooo good!) before they were released, thanks to the generosity of Toni and Kodawari co-owner chef Jake Aycardo.

Kodawari Shroomdon illustration

Really enjoyed (and got super hungry) making these illustrations. I worked on them right after the holiday break early this year, and drawing all of the ingredients really gave me intense midnight munchies. 😀

kodawari salmon mentai don

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