Philippine Native Flowering Trees Postcard


  • 15 cm x 10 cm
  • 250 gsm FSC-certified stock
  • acid-free
  • fountain pen-friendly
  • printed in the Philippines

In stock


Do you know any of these native flowering trees? The detailed illustrations don’t only introduce you to some of the Philippines’ indigenous trees but also serve as a guide for identifying their exquisite blooms and uniquely-shaped seeds.

Keep the postcard and hang it on your wall as a reminder of our botanical treasures, or send it to a friend as a way to share the beauty of our country’s flora with others.

The postcard is 15 cm wide and 10 cm tall, and printed on 250 gsm smooth FSC-certified card stock. The intentionally blank back invites you to frame this card, incorporate it into your journals and scrapbooks, or personalize it with a heartfelt message.

Photo references for the species and their common & scientific names were kindly provided by Ms. Cel Tungol, founder of the Philippine Native Tree Enthusiasts.

You may pair it with the Philippine Native Flowering Trees Canvas Tote.


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