Our forests need us just as much as we need them.

The Philippine Forest Landscapes Collection, a collaboration with Forest Foundation Philippines, shines a spotlight on the intricate forest landscapes of Sierra Madre, Palawan, Mindanao, and Samar and Leyte and the interdependent natural and human systems within them.

Through this collaboration, we hope to cultivate a deeper appreciation for the connection between us and our forests. Once we recognize each of our roles in their protection and conservation, together we can accomplish meaningful actions and foster positive change. 🙂

Join us in spreading the love for our country’s forests.

Every purchase of the Philippine Forest Landscapes products allows you to assist in sustaining ongoing efforts that protect the landscapes. You may click on each item to learn where a percentage of the profits will go.

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Protecting Philippine native trees is crucial in conserving our forests. These items can help you get acquainted with some of them. 🙂

Forest Reflections Nature Appreciation Journal


Philippine Forest Blooms | Native Flowering Trees Undated Planner (Vol. 2)


Philippine Forest Fruits | Native Fruit-bearing Trees Set of 30 Postcards


Philippine Forest Blooms | Native Flowering Trees Set of 12 Postcards