Philippine Endemic Wildlife Waterproof Vinyl Sticker Sheets


  • 5-6 flora and fauna stickers per sheet  (+ extra leaves)
  • Printed on high-quality waterproof vinyl
  • Laminated with glossy and pearl matte finishes
  • Waterproof and scratch-resistant
  • Available in four peel-off sheets of 5-6 stickers each
  • Each species has its common name beside it
  • Made in the Philippines


Decorate your favorite things while displaying your appreciation for Philippine Endemic Wildlife through these sticker sheets. The stickers showcase some of the country’s most iconic flora and fauna, helping you not only identify them but also celebrate their unique beauty.

Professionally printed on high-quality waterproof vinyl and protected with pearl matte laminate, they are sure to last a long time. Use them to decorate your water bottles, tumblers, laptop covers, mobile phone cases and other electronic gadgets, and maybe even use them as decals to brighten up your walls! Choose from four peel-off sheets containing 4 stickers each.

SHEET 1 stickers: Philippine Trogon, Mindanao Bleeding Heart, Blue-backed Parrot, Philippine Tamaraw, Waling-Waling, Philippine Eagle
SHEET 2 stickers: Katmon-bayani, Philippine Cockatoo, Mangkono, Visayan Spotted Deer, Flame-breasted Fruit Dove, Philippine Warty Pig
SHEET 3 stickers: Vanda luzonica, Visayan Wrinkled Hornbill, Philippine Tarsier, Luzon Crateromys, Syzygium speciosissimum
SHEET 4 stickers: Isarog Shrew-rat, Yellow-faced Flameback, Paphiopedilum hennisianum, Isabela Oriole, Rafflesia speciosa, Hypericum perryongii

Approximate dimensions – varies from 2″ to 3″ at widest side.

Sadly, most of these Philippine endemic flora and fauna are nearing extinction, but together, we can help with their conservation. For every purchase of the stickers, a portion of profits will go to Talarak Foundation, an NGO dedicated to safeguarding a number of these species. Please check the Impact page to see updates on how your contribution is helping protect our country’s natural heritage.

Kindly note that all illustrations are artistic representations and are not intended to be 100% botanically or biologically accurate.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Special thanks to the following academicians and specialists for the guidance and recommendations of species to feature.: Carmela Española, Mariano Roy Duya, Abigail Garrino, Jayson Mansibang, and Gerson Kim Penetrante of University of the Philippines Institute of Biology; Trinket Constantino of Ateneo de Manila University Department of Biology; Diane Estephanie Bagui and Schenley Anne Belmonte of Forest Foundation Philippines.


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Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3, Sheet 4, All 4 Sheets


Matte, Glossy

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