Philippine Endemic Hoyas Postcard Set of 12


• 12 Philippine endemic species
• 15 cm x 10 cm postcards
• 300 gsm FSC-certified cardstock
• elemental chlorine and acid-free
• fountain-pen friendly
• non-laminated
• printed in the Philippines

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Did you know that the Philippines is home to about 7, 620 plant species, and that 5, 832 of these are native? Among the groups that have high species endemism in the country is the genus of Hoya (source).

This postcard set, a collaboration with the Hoya Lovers of the Philippines and Beyond Facebook Group, is a celebration of some of the most beautiful endemic hoyas that can be found in the country. Through the meticulously drawn botanical illustrations, we hope to introduce you to a few of our rare native, hoyas while showcasing their unique individual features.

Reference photos were provided by Farley Baricuatro, Miguel David De Leon,
Buenafe Camua Manalo, and Reynold Pimentel
Descriptions were provided by Dia Baricuatro
Project coordination by Blue Vinas
All illustrations are by Cynthia Bauzon-Arre

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